The LCCNC Mission Statement

WHEREAS, Licensed Clinical Counselors serve a vital role in the mental health and wellbeing of the citizens of NC, the Licensed Clinical Counselors of North Carolina (LCCNC) promotes the development of LCMHCs through professional excellence and advocacy. LCCNC provides a voice for public policy, directs the activities of our professional lobbyist, and responds to the continuing education needs of LCMHCs in North Carolina.


LCCNC is the only organization that lobbies on behalf of the entire clinical mental health counseling profession. We diligently work to share action alerts as bills are discussed. LCCNC promotes, protects, and develops the practice of LCMHCs. The Legislative Agenda is designed to support and advance the priorities of the LCMHC profession and scope of practice in adherence to the LCMHC Code of Ethics. The organization values its members and the impact legislation has on LCMHCs.  

Education/Professional Development

In order to contribute to the continuing education and professional development of LCMHCs, LCCNC holds webinars, regional trainings and host regional workshops throughout the year, and strives to collaborate with university counselor education graduate programs in NC. As an LCCNC was the key proponent agency of the 2009 LPC Act that created the LCMHC-Supervisor license, it is our intent to continue to support, promote, and provide excellence in clinical supervision through training and other venues of professional development. LCCNC is dedicated and intentional to its mission to support through planning and action the professional journey from the counseling graduate student, new counseling graduate, new professional LCMHC Associate, to LCMHC, and, if chosen, then to an LCMHC-Supervisor.

Regional Meetings

LCCNC is divided into three (3) regions throughout North Carolina with at least one (1) LCMHC in each region serving as the Regional Representative. The regions are: Region 1 Mountain; Region 2 Central Piedmont; and Region 3 Coastal. Opportunities for LCMHCs to gather on a local basis are provided through these regional meetings - either in-person or via Zoom. Meetings typically feature a program on topics and issues relevant to licensed clinical mental health counselors as well as information about our association and the work we are doing for LCMHCs.  Check the Membership page under Regions to find out which region your county is in and who your Regional Representatives are. 

NOTE: When you sign up for LCCNC membership or update your member profile, make sure to enter your address and county. This helps our database sort and assign members into their regions.

University Relations

Through the University Relations program, LCCNC works to develop active relationships with the counselor education graduate programs in NC. LCCNC works to assist graduate students and current grads to gain knowledge and connections in their journey to become licensed as LCMHCs. As a professional membership association, LCCNC helps graduate students and emerging new professionals develop their professional network with colleagues, search for employment, and increasing their awareness about the need for LCMHC advocacy in North Carolina. 

Licensed Clinical Counselors of North Carolina (LCCNC) was created in 1997 and incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation on July 12, 2005. Licensed Clinicial Counselors of North Carolina (LCCNC) received 501(c)6 status on August 31, 2005 

Contact Information

Licensed Clinical Counselors of North Carolina (LCCNC)

605 N Terrace Place, Morganton, NC 28655
(919) 714-9025