Why Join LCCNC?

There are numerous great benefits of LCCNC membership and we can't wait to share them with you.

The #1 most important: a Professional COMMUNITY of practicing Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors.

A Professional Association - just for you in North Carolina.

Membership Tiers


A counseling professional actively licensed as a professional counselor. Members are eligible to vote as members, may seek nomination and be elected to hold office, may be appointed to chair any committee, and serve as a member on any committee or task force.


Eligibility for the NEW PROFESSIONAL Membership category:  (1) A counseling professional seeking NC LCMHC-A licensure or currently licensed in North Carolina as an LCMHC-A. OR (2) A licensed counseling professional who never held membership in LCCNC. This membership is an introductory rate for one (1) year. 

Members are voting members, may seek nomination to chair a committee, and may serve on any committee or task force. NEW PROFESSIONALS are not eligible to be elected and cannot hold the elected office of President-Elect, President, or Past-President. 


This is only available to the LCCNC Past Presidents who have served all full 3 terms of the Presidential Sequence starting with President-Elect, President and then Past President. Lifetime members do NOT pay dues but are voting members, re-elected into office, chair any committee, serve on any committee or task force, and donate as desired. 


Only available to a counseling professional who is 60 years of age or older and meets all of the following conditions:

  • Possesses or  previously held a full unrestricted license as an LCMHC or LCMHC-S
  • A professional RETIRED from employment/practice or ONLY working in a limited active paid practice of 10 hours or less per week. 

Members may vote as members, may seek nomination to an elected into office, may be appointed to chair any committee, and serve on any committee or task force.  


This is only available to a graduate student providing confirmation of enrollment in a CACREP accredited Master's or Doctoral counseling education program. Student membership is available for four (4) years. 

Student Members may join any committee, serve on a task force, and in particular, join the University Relations Committee.

However, Student members are not voting members, cannot chair a committee, nor hold office of President-elect, President, or Past-President. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Doctoral students who hold a LCMHC (license) are strongly encouraged to join as a Professional Member to have voting rights and/or hold an elected or appointed office position. 

Sometimes it may feel like all you do is study, write papers, and take exams, right? We definitely understand. But there is more outside of academia waiting for you. And we're here for you!


This category has 2 types and is only available to mental health related practices and businesses that support the LCCNC mission. BUSINESS MEMBERS receive:

BUSINESS CLINICAL - Available to licensed counselors with businesses and practices. This category provides the combined privileges of PROFESSIONAL level membership entitlements with BUSINESS privileges. *Members have same privileges as PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS.

BUSINESS  - Available to mental health/counseling related businesses that support the LCCNC mission  Members cannot be voting members, chair any committee, or hold office of President-elect, President, or Past-President. Members can be a member of any committee or task force. 

  • Unlimited posting and access to the job bank resource;
  • Business micro-webpage option on the LCCNC website
  • Featured in The Counselor's Voice monthly Newsletter
  • Highlighted Listing in Business Member section of LCCNC
  • Logo on LCCNC website
  • Opportunity to host LCCNC webinar and/or micro-conference
  • Profile opportunities in LCCNC 2024 Networking Zoom events

As an LCCNC student member, your reduced-rate membership offers you the opportunity to connect with peers and licensed counselors to start building your professional identity. Having other students to share fears, goals, and excitements with is priceless! Through the mentorship program, the student membership offers you access to the knowledge and clinical experiences of seasoned licensed counselors. Student members also receive a 20% discount on the Association for Advanced Training in the Behavioral Sciences (AATBS) courses, which can be very helpful for students planning to take the National Counselor Exam (NCE).    

On the path to licensure, finding a supervisor can be a stressful task. We made it simple, fast, and effective with the Supervisor Directory where student members can locate a qualified LCMHC-S and get started on supervised professional practice without delay. Student membership also offers discounted rates on continuing education workshops, conference events, access to relevant information, and the opportunity to participate in a poster or webinar collaborative presentation. Student members are highly encouraged to join LCCNC committees to build connections and volunteer time and skills to move the profession forward.

Becoming an LCCNC student member will give you a jump start to expand your professional relationships, increase your learning and growth, and provide you with valuable access to expert training and experience.

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