The LCMHC Journey

"Do not be intimidated by what yo don't know." - Sarah Blakely- 

Licensing Application 

You have successfully come to the end of your supervised professional practice, but the journey is not over. As an LCMHC-A you have undergone 3000 hours of supervised professional practice and are only steps away from receiving your LCMHC. As an active LCMHC-A you will need to apply for your LCMHC Licensure and remain practicing under supervision until your LCMHC license is issued. 

You will need to go to the NCBLCMHC website to begin your LCMHC application. As stated by the NCBLCMHC, "To be licensed as a LCMHC in the state of North Carolina an individual must meet the following requirements: Application (Rule .0305), Education (Rule .0701), Exam (Rule .0305), Professional Disclosure Statement (Rule .0204), and Verification of Supervised Professional Practice (Rule .0205). 

Application Requirements (as listed on NCBLCMHC website)

  • General information 
  • Credentials 
  • Legal & Ethics History 
  • Education 
  • References 
  • Graduate Counseling Experience 
  • Supervised Practice 
  • Graduate Courses 
  • Application Fee ($238, which includes the $38 criminal background check fee)

  • Other Required Application Documents
    • Application Validation - Notary
    • Criminal Background Check 
    • LCMHC Jurisprudence Exam 
    • LCMHC Professional Disclosure Statement 
    • Final Supervision Report(s) (from each supervisor that provided supervision)
    • Licensure Verification 

Continuing Education 

Although you are now a fully licensed clinical mental health professional, it is not only a professional requirement but a good practice to continue your growth of knowledge within the field. The NCBLCMHC clearly defines the continuing education requirements LCMHCs must uphold. 

Fast Facts

Continuing education is defined by contact hours, which means "the number of actual clock hours spent in direct participation in a structured education format as a learner.

  • One continuing education unit (CEU) = 10 contact hours 
  • One semester hour of credit = 15 contact hours 
  • One quarter hour of credit = 10 contact hours 

Protocol for failure to provide sufficient documentation of continuing education can be reviewed here

*please refer to the NCBLCMHC website & quick links provided for more details*

Other important information to consider: 

  • Approved Providers 
  • Approved Content Areas 
  • Minimum 3 hours required in Ethics 
  • Jurisprudence Exam (5 contact hours) 
  • LCMHC-S specific requirements
  • Type of CE activity
  • Documentation of CE

State-to-State Licensing 

Life, at times, can take us to new destinations. It is important to understand that each state has its own licensing board with its own regulations, requirements, laws & codes, and application fees & procedures. Be mindful of how long the process may take to transition your current residential state license to that of your relocating state. Inquire with the relocating state Board about reciprocity, endorsement, military statute(s), Interstate Counseling Compact, and/or Universal Recognition.

The "NCBLCMHC offers other states the option to apply for licensure in North Carolina through an endorsement process." It also has "provisions for persons that are in the military or military spouses in accordance with  NC Gen Stat 93B15.1," Unfortunately, "North Carolina does not have reciprocity with other states."  

Professional Niche 

Now that you have proudly achieved your LCMHC...what's next?

  • Clinic & Practice Owners & LCMHC-Supervisor

  • Mental Health Directors, Managers, and Consultants

  • Hospitals, Outpatient and Acute Settings

  • EAP Businesses

  • University and College Educators

  • Educational, School and College Counselors

  • Drug & Alcohol Recovery Settings

  • Detention and Correctional Centers

  • U.S. Armed Forces (Active Duty, Guard, & Reserve)

  • V.A.  and Department of Defense

  • NC DHHS and its 15 Divisions

  • NC County Social Services

  • Mental Health, Halfway, and Residential Facilities

  • Managed Care, North Carolina LMEs and MCOs

  • Career and Vocational Consultants

  • Marriage & Family Counseling

  • Faith-based Counseling

  • Rehabilitation Counseling 

  • Sports & Performance Counseling & Coaching

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Behavior Management 

  • Art and Creative Therapies

  • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy